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  • Caturday Art In a Tree

    Share the cuteness:   Yesterday was Arbor Day here in the US and Sadie decided to try climbing a cherry blossom tree in celebration!   This post is part of the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess....

  • Caturday Art on Earth Day!

    Share the cuteness:   In honor of Earth Day, Sadie and I took a lovely nature walk to enjoy the cherry blossoms. We stopped at some particularly picturesque spots to create some digital art that we’d like to share with you...

  • Tongue Out Tuesday Blossoms

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  • Tongue Out Tuesday #8

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  • Cherry Blossom Beauty

    Share the cuteness:  [like-gate ] Thanks for liking us! Sadie and I really appreciate the love! [/like-gate] These photos come from an absolutely perfect afternoon Sadie and I spent together at the end of the local cherry blossom festival. One...