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  • The Original Tweeter

    Share the cuteness: This post is part of the Pet Parade blog hop hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Bionic Basil, and M.K. Clinton.     Share the cuteness:

  • Sleepy in a Sombrero

    Share the cuteness:   Sadie is resting up today for our Mexican fiesta in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Most likely our fiesta will involve Mexican takeout and a walk past the Mexican restaurant that usually has live music piped outside. We’ll...

  • Star Wars Day Balloons!

    Share the cuteness: Every year on Star Wars Day, I dress Sadie up as one of our favorite characters (this year’s character is R2D2!) and then we have a movie marathon. Unfortunately Sadie doesn’t quite understand how sitting on the couch in front of the...

  • Easter Look Alikes!

    Share the cuteness: Today is one of those fun random holidays – National Look Alike Day! Just last Sunday I spotted some look alikes sitting on the couch and had to get a few photos. Share the cuteness:

  • Making Music – #IfPetsHadThumbs

    Share the cuteness: Today in celebration of If Pets Had Thumbs Day, Sadie is playing with her trumpet squeaky toy. She already knows she can make beautiful music with her squeaky toys, so Sadie thinks that if she had thumbs she...