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  • Happy Father’s Day 2018!

    Share the cuteness: Happy Father’s Day! Share the cuteness:

  • My Own Personal Soft Kitty

    Share the cuteness:   I’m sorry Sadie and I haven’t been around much lately. We’ve had some health issues in our immediate family that we’ve been dealing with. Hopefully everyone is on the mend, but I’ll be having another surgery...

  • Tongue Out Tuesday with My Little Monster

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  • Sunday Selfies with a Superhero

    Share the cuteness: Super Sadie is hard at work protecting the neighborhood. Her superpower – cuteness. Criminals take one look at her and fall in love, forgetting all about their nefarious plans.   This post is part of the Sunday...

  • Gnome Sweet Gnome

    Share the cuteness: I’ve always loved the traditional garden gnome. As a toddler, I used to watch a cartoon starring a gnome, and ever since I’ve loved the little guys. Now I’m not one to go crazy collecting gnomes –...