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  • Fun with Flags

    Share the cuteness: Sadie is ready to celebrate the USA this Independence Day! As you can see, she is extra excited about her Patriotic head gear! Happy 4th of July!   Share the cuteness:

  • Happy Father’s Day 2018!

    Share the cuteness: Happy Father’s Day! Share the cuteness:

  • Welcome to Fall 2017!

    Share the cuteness: Happy first day of Fall!  Sadie and I are looking forward to enjoying the beautiful weather and some great walks surrounded by the beautiful Fall foliage! This post is part of the Pet Parade blog hop hosted...

  • Have You Spoiled Your Dog Today?

    Share the cuteness: Today is National Spoil Your Dog Day! I know in some houses, especially my house, every day seems like Spoil Your Dog Day. But today it’s official. Give your dog extra treats. Let your dog take over...

  • Celebrating Independence Day!

    Share the cuteness:[block]0[/block] Happy Fourth of July! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Independence Day! Share the cuteness: