dogs, designer dogs, butterfly, dog costume, dogs with flowers

Fluttering Around the Garden

dogs, designer dogs, butterfly, dog costume, fall, dogs with flowers


Sadie and I have been gardening these last few days. We’ve been working in the flower beds in front of the house, planting bulbs for next Spring. While I know that the effort will be worthwhile when I see those beautiful blossoms in Spring, I can’t help but feel that right now it’s thankless work. Sadie keeps looking at me like I’m crazy, wondering why I’m making so many holes and burying such weird things that don’t even smell good. So in order to counteract the delayed gratification of planting bulbs, I decided to also buy some Fall flowers already in bloom. I planted some purplish Asters and reddish Mums in our little planter box on the deck. Sadie was very interested in our new floral decorations. She wouldn’t stop hovering over them once they were in place, and I joked that she was my little butterfly attracted to the new flowers. And then I realized that she really could be my butterfly; the Halloween items were out of storage and her butterfly costume was just inside the next room. So I ran and grabbed the costume and had a little Sadie butterfly photo shoot with our new flowers.

dogs, designer dogs, yorkipoo, yorkie poo, butterfly, dog costume, fall, dogs with flowers


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  1. I need to go plant some bulbs in my gardens for next spring too. It is always so hard to decide the proper time to plant here because our weather is so wonky! Sadie makes a fantastic butterfly. ♥ Thanks for joining Thoughtless Thursday ♥
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