dogs, designer dogs, yorkipoo, yorkie poo, led leash, led collar, night walks

Night Walk Safety

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dogs, designer dogs, yorkipoo, yorkie poo, led leash, led collar, night walks

Summer is in full swing, which means the days are hotter and longer. Most people are spending more time outdoors, which is wonderful for everyone involved, especially your dogs. Now when you get home from work late, there is usually enough light left for a quick walk with your dog. Or maybe you and your furry companion enjoy an evening stroll, when the temperature cools down just enough to be comfortable. Personally I prefer sunset walks with Sadie. But whether you intentionally set out on a nighttime walk, or you stay out longer than expected and lose the light, it is important to be prepared to walk your dog safely after dark. And the key to night walk safety is visibility.

In the photo above, I show Sadie wearing the various tools of night safety that we like to utilize. First Sadie has on an LED collar. At the push of a button, her collar can light up, making her more visible to those around her. As you can probably tell, this particular collar is a little too large for her, but it gives an idea of what an LED collar looks like.

Attached to the collar is a tag light. Just like any of your dog’s other identification tags, this device clips onto your dog’s collar and can be turned on or off with a quick twist. This light is somewhat softer than the LED collar, and can easily be blocked if your dog is facing in the wrong direction; but Sadie has received quite a few compliments and inquiries about her light up tag, and I think it’s a great, inexpensive, basic safety device to make your dog more visible at night.

Lastly, Sadie is modeling her LED leash. This is by far my favorite safety device, as it is useful day or night and is vastly brighter than the other two items. The leash we have can not only light up at the touch of a button, but also flash on and off with another quick press of the button for added visibility. I always choose to use this leash for evening walks with Sadie. That way if we decide to stay out after dark, I can just turn on the leash to make Sadie more visible and safe. Click here to see this leash on Amazon.

With these few simple tools I feel much more confident walking Sadie at night, knowing she can be seen better. The lights even help to make the walk easier for me, adding more light to the sidewalk or road right at my feet. There are many other items that can aid in nighttime safety, such as the traditional reflective vest, but I personally prefer the light up options. Obviously you run the risk of a dead battery with these items, so you should check to make sure everything functions properly before you leave the house. But when Sadie is all lit up with her shiny pink lights, I can’t help but smile, and it seems to bring out smiles from nearly everyone we see along the way.

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Thanks for liking us! Sadie and I really appreciate the love!



  1. What a great idea! We also try to walk in the evenings when it isn’t so hot! We often have to deal with cars driving down the street. Being able to spot the leash is awesome! Thanks for the information! ♥
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