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  • 101 Tips For Terrific Trips with Your Dog

    Share the cuteness: Sadie’s newest book is now available on Amazon! Okay, really I wrote it, but Sadie helped. How did she help? Well aside from being an adorable inspiration, Sadie agreed to be the official tester and personally tried...

  • Tongue Out Tuesday on a Scooter

    Share the cuteness: For this week’s Tongue Out Tuesday photos, I’m sharing some pictures of Sadie “riding” on a scooter. I put riding in quotes here because this particular scooter is actually bolted to the ground. It’s meant as a cute photo...

  • Nashville Here We Come!

    Share the cuteness: This post is part of the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Share the cuteness:

  • Travel – #52Snapshots

    Share the cuteness:   This week’s 52 Snapshots of Life theme is travel and I must say it’s a very appropriate theme for me right now. I have three trips scheduled in the next two months and I’m basically trying to...

  • You Can’t Leave Without Socks!

    Since the Blog Paws conference is later this week in Lake Las Vegas and those lucky enough to be able to attend should be packing soon, I thought I'd share some packing related mischief. So I'm packing for a trip and I walk away for two seconds, and when I come back I find that Sadie has hopped into my suitcase and taken my socks hostage.