101 Tips For Terrific Trips with Your Dog

Sadie’s newest book is now available on Amazon! Okay, really I wrote it, but Sadie helped. How did she help? Well aside from being an adorable inspiration, Sadie agreed to be the official tester and personally tried each and every tip in this book. She gives it four paws up! 🐾 🐾

In 101 Tips For Terrific Trips with Your Dog, I give you a wealth of information about traveling with dogs. Want to take your dog on a road trip? I’ve got some tips for you. Flying on an airplane with your dog? Check out my helpful hints. Planning to stay at a dog friendly hotel? You’ll find a variety of suggestions to help make your stay relaxing and enjoyable!

** Update!**

My new book is currently #1 on Amazon for short travel books!!! 

This photo is the front and back cover of the print edition:

Want to see what this book has to offer? Click on the Look Inside preview below!

Do you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited? Then you can read the eBook version for free!


  1. Awesome tips. My boy is great in the car…traveled back and forth between South Carolina and Kentucky several times and he never made a peep. I was staying at my sister’s house then. But rather than take him on vacation with me and leave him in a hotel room all day I generally hire a dog sitter to stay with him in my (or should I say his) house because I feel he is more comfortable at home

  2. We love our dog and like to take her with us whenever we can. Great article. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. Congratulations on your book, and kudos to Sadie for being such an inspiring muse! Your passion and dedication to ensuring a pleasant travel experience with our furry friends shine through in “101 Tips For Terrific Trips with Your Dog.”

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