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  • A Valentine’s Day Tongue Out Tuesday

    Share the cuteness:   Since today is both Valentine’s Day and a tongue out Tuesday, Sadie would like to offer you all many Yorkipoo kisses! Happy Valentine’s Day! Share the cuteness:

  • Santa Stakeout Part 2 – The Night Before Christmas

    Share the cuteness:   ‘Twas the night before Christmas, And this little¬†Yorkipoo, Is napping beneath the tree, Waiting for you know who. As guardian of the house, Sadie feels it’s her duty, To supervise Mr. Santa Claus, As he drops...

  • Pretty and Poisonous Poinsettias

    Share the cuteness:   Poinsettias make beautifully festive holiday decorations at this time of year. Unfortunately for pet owners, poinsettias are also a dangerous toxin for dogs and cats. To avoid any potential risk to Sadie, I choose not to...

  • Tongue Out Tuesday #14

    Share the cuteness:      Share the cuteness:

  • Love – #52Snapshots

    Share the cuteness:   In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, this week’s 52 Snapshots of Life theme is love. The topic of love always makes me think about the unconditional love that a dog share with his or her owner....