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  • Fun with Flags

    Share the cuteness: Sadie is ready to celebrate the USA this Independence Day! As you can see, she is extra excited about her Patriotic head gear! Happy 4th of July!   Share the cuteness:

  • Happy Father’s Day 2018!

    Share the cuteness: Happy Father’s Day! Share the cuteness:

  • Gnome Sweet Gnome

    Share the cuteness: I’ve always loved the traditional garden gnome. As a toddler, I used to watch a cartoon starring a gnome, and ever since I’ve loved the little guys. Now I’m not one to go crazy collecting gnomes –...

  • Taco Tuesday

    Share the cuteness: When I told Sadie we were having Taco Tuesday this week, her mouth started watering at the thought of some yummy beef and cheese. Unfortunately for Sadie, that was not the type of taco I had in...

  • Welcome to Fall 2017!

    Share the cuteness: Happy first day of Fall!  Sadie and I are looking forward to enjoying the beautiful weather and some great walks surrounded by the beautiful Fall foliage! This post is part of the Pet Parade blog hop hosted...