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  • Teepee Time!

    Share the cuteness: As Thanksgiving approaches, Sadie thought this would be the perfect time of year to reveal her exciting new dog bed – a teepee! Share the cuteness:

  • Thankful – #52Snapshots

    Share the cuteness:  The theme for this week’s 52 Snapshots of Life Challenge is thankful. Sadie and I are very thankful that we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with all of our loved ones. We are also very thankful that...

  • Happy Turkey Day!

    Share the cuteness:      Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! Now it’s time for leftover turkey sandwiches and turkey casserole and anything else that I can think of to do with leftover turkey. It’s going to get yummy and creative...

  • Gobble Gobble!

    Share the cuteness:   This post is part of the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Share the cuteness:

  • Sepia Saturday #26

    Share the cuteness: Sadie hitched a ride with the storage tote taxi service yesterday. I was headed downstairs to fill the empty storage container with Thanksgiving decorations, when Sadie started whining and pawing at my leg, begging me not to...