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  • Sunday Selfies with Bacon Dog

    Share the cuteness: On this Selfie Sunday, with Sadie posing for some photos with Bacon Dog, I think it’s time for a confession. Sadie does not really like bacon. *Gasp* A dog that doesn’t like bacon?!? In our household, we...

  • Sadie and Her Winter Pals

    Share the cuteness:   Today Sadie is hanging out with her penguin pals because yesterday we had the biggest snowstorm of the year and no one wants to go outside. We love watching the snowflakes and admiring the peaceful beauty...

  • Toy

    Share the cuteness: Sadie is hanging out with some of her squeaky toy friends. She doesn’t actually play with these kinds of toys – not like her beloved squeaky soccer balls, but she does enjoy having these toys around. They...

  • Tongue Out Tuesday #16

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  • Random Sadie Photos #22

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