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  • Collar

    Share the cuteness: Here is Sadie modeling her favorite Spring collar. I’ve found it very difficult to take pictures of Sadie focusing on the collar she is wearing. Either I can get a good¬†photo of the collar, but not Sadie’s...

  • Flower

    Share the cuteness: This post is part of the Pet Photo Challenge hosted by Six Legs Are Better Than Two.     Share the cuteness:

  • Which Flowers Are Safe For Your Pets?

    Share the cuteness: If you’re thinking about planting a garden or just planting a few flowers to make your home look nice, you need to consider which flowers are safe for your furry family members. There are many flowering plants...

  • Black and White on May Day

    Share the cuteness: This post is part of Nola and Sugar‘s Black and White Sunday blog hop. Share the cuteness:

  • Caturday Art #2

    Share the cuteness: I used an ice digital effect to create these two pieces. I love how smooth the lines are, like flowing water. I’m really enjoying participating in the Caturday art blog hop and getting the chance to be more...