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  • Black and White with a Bow in the Snow

    Share the cuteness: This post is part of Nola and Sugar‘s Black and White Sunday blog hop. Share the cuteness:

  • Sadie and the Snow Penguin

    Share the cuteness: This post is part of the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Share the cuteness:

  • Winter Bloopers

    Share the cuteness: For this month’s Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up I’m sharing some winter related bloopers. It’s tough getting good photos in the snow. Sadie acts more distracted than usual when there is white stuff on the ground and I...

  • Sepia Saturday – the Snowsuit

    Share the cuteness:   Sadie loves playing and sniffing around out in the snow. She does not, however, enjoy wearing her snowsuit. I remember hating when my Mom made me wear a snowsuit when I was a kid. But I understand wanting...

  • The Waiting Game – Car Seat Edition

    Share the cuteness:   Sadie is used to our typical routine of running errands every week. She sits in her car seat while my family members and I take turns going into the bank or the post office or the pharmacy,...