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  • Have a Witchy Halloween!

    Share the cuteness:   Have a happy and safe Halloween! Teach your dogs some Tricks tonight and give them some yummy Treats! Share the cuteness:

  • Black and White and Ready for Halloween!

    Share the cuteness:   Sadie is so excited that tomorrow is Halloween! This post is part of Nola and Sugar‘s Black and White Sunday blog hop. Share the cuteness:

  • Caturday Art on National Cat Day!

    Share the cuteness:   There are twice as many reasons to celebrate cats today! Not only is today the weekly Caturday Art blog hop, but it’s also National Cat Day here in the US! Usually on Caturday I show off...

  • Arachnophilia

    Share the cuteness: Arachnophilia means the love of spiders. Sadie and I absolutely, positively do NOT love spiders. (Sadie barks helpfully while I run around the house trying to catch and release the eight legged home invaders.) But we are both totally in...

  • 50 Years of the Great Pumpkin!

    Share the cuteness:   Today is the 50th anniversary of the Great Pumpkin cartoon! Sadie is honoring this Halloween tradition by wearing her pumpkin glasses all day! Share the cuteness: