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  • Car Seat Bloopers

    Share the cuteness:   It’s that time of year when the weather’s nice and everyone is ready to spend some time outdoors. But in order to go exploring somewhere new, you must survive the car ride. Sadie is much more well behaved in the...

  • Sadie Runs Errands

    Share the cuteness: This is Sadie’s opinion of a day spent running errands with me. If sticking my tongue out at the world would get the errands done faster I’d do it too, but that’s not the case. Sorry Sadie, but...

  • The Waiting Game – Car Seat Edition

    Share the cuteness:   Sadie is used to our typical routine of running errands every week. She sits in her car seat while my family members and I take turns going into the bank or the post office or the pharmacy,...

  • Tongue Out Tuesday #12

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  • Tongue Out Tuesday #7

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