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  • What’s In a Name?

    Share the cuteness:  Have you ever noticed all the crazy names you call your pets sometimes? Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to use all kinds of silly terms of endearment much more often than I use Sadie’s actual name. Scientists...

  • The Ownership Contract by Sadie the Yorkipoo

    Share the cuteness:   We humans are in the enviable position of being able to pick the perfect pet for ourselves. We can go to a shelter, store, or breeder and pick out the perfect animal that looks friendly or...

  • Sadie’s First Haircut – #RecipeForMoments – Flashback Friday #2

    So Sadie is my first puppy, my very first dog ever. I did my research on breeds and training and everything and was mostly prepared when I brought her home.

  • Flashback Friday #1

    Today I've decided to begin a new feature for the blog: Flashback Fridays.