The Dog Ate My Homework!

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The old excuse “the dog ate my homework” is making a lot more sense to me now. Although I don’t have homework anymore, I do have important paperwork for my job. And this week Sadie decided to destroy some of it. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me to capture the carnage, so I’ll just have to describe to you what happened.


It all started with a treat at our office. I gave Sadie a snack at work, but she wasn’t hungry at that moment, so she decided to bury the treat on the shelf under the printer. Throughout the course of the day I put some paperwork on the same shelf, not realizing that I covered her treat. Eventually Sadie decided she was hungry. She went looking for her treat, but couldn’t see it. She could, however, smell the treat. Sadie knew it must be under the papers somewhere, so she started digging. I did hear the sounds of Sadie digging, but didn’t think anything of it at the time. Meanwhile the papers got all scrunched up around the treat as a result of Sadie’s efforts and then started to tear. I immediately went to investigate the sound of tearing paper, but by then it was too late to save the pages. So I just watched as Sadie got her teeth involved, ripping the papers in hopes of freeing her treat. In no time at all Sadie was happily munching on her treat amidst the wreckage of my paperwork. I found the whole situation hilarious, although it probably wouldn’t have been so funny if I couldn’t just reprint all my damaged papers.


On a more serious note, I’m lucky that all Sadie tore apart was paper. Many other common household items can be harmful for your pets if ingested. Check out PetPlan Insurance’s helpful guide called “Eat This, Not That” for more information on edible hazards.


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