Squeaky Binge

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I’ve been involved in a huge project at work lately, which means Sadie has been stuck with me in the office for a lot more hours than she’s used to. Of course I have all kinds of toys and beds and food and everything else she should need to be happy and comfortable, but Sadie realizes that she must behave differently in the office and usually stays very quiet and subdued. But lately when we get home it’s like she’s a totally different dog. She goes nuts, running and squeaking her ball and playing. On normal nights Sadie does everything in moderation, playing a little, sleeping a little, eating a little. But on these late work nights, Sadie full out binges on squeaky fun.

The first thing she does when she walks in the door is look for her current favorite squeaky ball. For the rest of the night that ball doesn’t leave her mouth unless she’s eating or drinking. Most of the time she even takes it with her to pee! And since she slept most of the day and evening at the office, Sadie has plenty of energy to squeak long into the night. I usually let her have her fun as long as possible, since I feel guilty that she was stuck in the office for so long. I’ve even gone to sleep with her still squeaking next to me on the bed! It’s adorable to see how much Sadie enjoys returning from work to her toys at home, but I was very glad when the weekend came and she didn’t feel the need to squeak every minute of the day.


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