dogs, designer dogs, yorkipoo, car, car seat

Before and After

Thanks for liking us! Sadie and I really appreciate all the love!


          dogs, designer dogs, yorkipoo, haircut, grooming, snow, boots

dogs, designer dogs, yorkipoo, grooming, haircut

So Sadie finally went to the groomer. I like to call it her “Spa Day” in an effort to make it sound nice and relaxing. She gets to sit back and have her hair and nails done. What girl wouldn’t love a day like that? Unfortunately Sadie finds her Spa Days the complete opposite of relaxing. She starts shaking in the car and cries when I hand her over to the groomer. When she’s done and the groomer hands her back to me and I make a fuss over how pretty she looks, Sadie attempts to put as many holes in my clothing as she can manage with her newly sharpened claws. On the ride home I tell Sadie what a good girl she was while she ignores me, refuses to look at me, and moves away when I try to pet her. Once in the house Sadie gets her revenge by peeing on the carpet. If I give her a treat, she takes it and walks away, clearly still mad at me. Only after I offer to share some of my dinner with her does the forgiveness begin. By the next morning all is forgiven and forgotten, and we get two months of well-groomed cuteness before we have to start all over again.



Thanks for liking us! Sadie and I really appreciate all the love!


  1. Oh Sadie, you do look beautiful. Ellie definitely shares you fear and we have no idea why. We just hopes that one day it sinks in there is nothing to worry about and I hope it does for you too.
    By the way, those boots are super adorable too!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

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