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  • Tire Ball

    Share the cuteness: From the creative team that brought you Tissue Box Ball and Bowl Ball comes a new game for dogs everywhere to enjoy – Tire Ball. Tire Ball involves a rubber tire toy and a squeaky dog ball. It’s a combination...

  • Look Mom, I Can Make Confetti!

    In this flashback photo, mischievous puppy Sadie has decided that my house needs more confetti. After getting her paws on some tissues, she makes great progress in rectifying the situation.

  • Tissue Tongue!

    Share the cuteness:   Sadie has gone #TongueOut today after some hard work destroying those tissues. I like to let her indulge in a little harmless mischief once in a while to get those destructive urges out of her system and she...

  • M is for Motivation – #atozchallenge

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  • L is for Little – #atozchallenge

    Sadie is a small dog. People often call her munchkin, peanut, little one, and many other diminutive nicknames.