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  • Socks Weather

    Share the cuteness:      It’s officially that time of year here in NJ when the sandals must be put away and the socks come out to stay. Sadie is pretty happy about this change in the weather, as you...

  • You Can’t Leave Without Socks!

    Since the Blog Paws conference is later this week in Lake Las Vegas and those lucky enough to be able to attend should be packing soon, I thought I'd share some packing related mischief. So I'm packing for a trip and I walk away for two seconds, and when I come back I find that Sadie has hopped into my suitcase and taken my socks hostage.

  • Black and White Sunday #5

    This post is part of the Black and White Sunday blog hop.

  • Spring Cleaning

    This weekend I did some Spring cleaning and I put away the warmest clothing until next winter. Sadie decided to help me when I rearranged my socks.

  • I’d Rather Get Frostbite

    So here's my adorable little Sadie giving me the evil glare of death. She spent a little too long out in the snow yesterday and her paws were absolutely freezing.