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Mirror – #52Snapshots



The theme for today’s 52 Snapshots of Life Challenge is mirror. I was really excited about tackling this challenge, envisioning cool, artsy photos of Sadie reflected in a mirror. I did not anticipate how difficult it would be to execute my ideas. First of all, all the mirrors in my house are either way too high for Sadie or in locations that are awkward for photo sessions, like the bathroom. Second, once I took a mirror off the wall and brought it to Sadie’s height, I realized it’s really hard to position both Sadie and myself in order to get a good photo. Either Sadie moved so that I couldn’t capture her reflection, or I moved and caught myself or the camera in the photo. Lastly, I had to keep changing the lighting, but never quite got it right. If I used a flash there was a glare. If I used the overhead light there was a different glare. If I didn’t use any additional lights, I got more blurry pictures than clear ones, etc. Despite all of my photography issues, Sadie actually seemed to enjoy this photo shoot. She thought the mirror was pretty interesting, although not in the way you would think. She didn’t care at all about her reflection. She sniffed it once, and that was it. Instead, Sadie decided that a mirror makes a very nice place to sit down. Once I stopped trying to move her around to get a good shot of her reflection, Sadie got comfy on that mirror and just sat there happily, smiling at me while I took my photos.







This post is part of The Lazy Pit Bull‘s #52Snapshots of Life Challenge.