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  • Sadie’s Dock Dog Daydream

    Share the cuteness: Have you ever heard of Dock Dogs competitions? I’ve been watching some videos lately of these fun events where dogs leap into the water to see who can jump the highest or the furthest or fetch a...

  • Twenty Sixth Time’s the Charm

    Share the cuteness:   Clearly I wasn’t paying enough attention when taking photos of Sadie after her grooming visit this weekend. It was hot and sunny, the ground was full of sharp, pointy rocks, there were bees, excuses, excuses. Honestly...

  • Black and White Sunday #48

    Share the cuteness:     Share the cuteness:

  • Bad Hair Day #2

    Share the cuteness: Looks like Sadie is having another bad hair day. Good thing she has an appointment with the groomer this week! This post is part of Nola and Sugar‘s Black and White Sunday blog hop. Share the cuteness:

  • Mom, I Think I Need A Haircut

    Share the cuteness:   Me: “Sadie, look at the camera.” Sadie: “I AM looking at the camera.” Me: “Then why can’t I see your eyes?” Sadie: “Is there a way to answer that question that doesn’t end in a trip to the...