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  • Spring Cleaning

    This weekend I did some Spring cleaning and I put away the warmest clothing until next winter. Sadie decided to help me when I rearranged my socks.

  • Welcome Spring!

    Happy Spring! Is everyone ready for some sunshine and flowers and warm weather?

  • I’d Rather Get Frostbite

    So here's my adorable little Sadie giving me the evil glare of death. She spent a little too long out in the snow yesterday and her paws were absolutely freezing.

  • Are We Going Where I Think We’re Going?

    So Sadie and I got in the car yesterday and started driving like we do every day. For the first five minutes or so she was perfectly calm and content.

  • Sadie the Slipper Stealer

    Another form of mischief Sadie enjoys is slipper stealing. She loves to sneak around and take one from the floor and then prance off with her prize.