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  • You Can’t Leave Without Socks!

    Since the Blog Paws conference is later this week in Lake Las Vegas and those lucky enough to be able to attend should be packing soon, I thought I'd share some packing related mischief. So I'm packing for a trip and I walk away for two seconds, and when I come back I find that Sadie has hopped into my suitcase and taken my socks hostage.

  • Sadie Gets Hung Up

    In this flashback photo my little puppy Sadie has her first encounter with a clothes hanger. She was sitting on the bed watching me put away my laundry, when she decided to play with the pile of hangers.

  • Black and White Sunday #5

    This post is part of the Black and White Sunday blog hop.

  • Zombie Dog!

    In honor of tomorrow night's season finale of AMC's the Walking Dead, I present zombie Sadie. (This photo was created using the Walking Dead's Dead Yourself app) The Walking Dead is my absolute favorite show on TV, and I'm sad that after tomorrow I'll have to wait until October to see it again.

  • Keep Those Ears Warm!

    It was below freezing again here yesterday. This constant back and forth of the weather is driving Sadie and I crazy.