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  • A Profile Picture Flashback – Flashback Friday #5

    This flashback photo comes from Sadie's second day as a member of my family. You may recognize the more recent photo as our standard profile picture from various social media.

  • My Proud Puppy – Flashback Friday #3

    These photos are from the day that Sadie realized she could go up and down the stairs. I had been trying to teach her for a of couple weeks, putting her paws up on each step, boosting her up, showing her what to do, but she was just too scared to go more than one step on her own.

  • Sadie’s First Haircut – #RecipeForMoments – Flashback Friday #2

    So Sadie is my first puppy, my very first dog ever. I did my research on breeds and training and everything and was mostly prepared when I brought her home.

  • Flashback Friday #1

    Today I've decided to begin a new feature for the blog: Flashback Fridays.