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  • Tongue Out Tuesday – #WorldChompian

    Share the cuteness: Look at Sadie’s shiny new collar accessory! Thanks to BarkBox, Sadie is officially a #WorldChompian! Share the cuteness:

  • Let the Games Begin!

    Share the cuteness:   Sadie and I are excited to enjoy the beginning of the Summer Olympic games today! I’ve always been a big fan of the Olympics and even got to attend the Summer Olympics myself when they were...

  • Patriotic – #52Snapshots

    Share the cuteness:   This week’s #52Snapshots of Life theme is patriotic. Sadie and I have been fully embracing this theme all week, as you can see from our last few blog posts. We have really enjoyed decorating the house...

  • Patriotic Bloopers

    Share the cuteness:       This post is part of the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Share the cuteness:

  • Let Your Flag Fly – Today Is Flag Day!

    Share the cuteness:   Today we celebrate Flag Day! Sadie helped me put out all the American flags around our house, but we had one left over. So I decided it would make a perfect photo backdrop! This post is part of Nola and Sugar‘s...