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  • K is for Kitchen – #atozchallenge

    This post is part of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge. Check out Slimdoggy's blog hop below for other great pet blogs taking the challenge with me!

  • J is for Jumping – #atozchallenge

    One of the most common behavioral issues dog owners have to deal with is jumping. Excited dogs jump on people, jump on furniture, and generally just jump for joy.

  • I is for Isolated – #atozchallenge, #woofsupport

    I guess the time has come for me to admit to my greatest failing as a dog mommy - my dog has no friends. Sadie is completely isolated from canine society.

  • H is for Hula Hoop – #atozchallenge

    I recently got Sadie a hula hoop to jump through for some fun exercise. We're still getting the hang of it, but once we get going she has a blast.

  • G is for Growl – #atozchallenge

    Sadie is generally not an aggressive or growly dog, except for one specific circumstance: when she wants to do something she knows is bad.