dogs, designer dogs, computer, office, dogs at work

Dogs at Work – the Benefits vs the Complications

dogs, designer dogs, computer, office, dogs at work


In honor of National Take Your Dog to Work Day tomorrow, I’ve decided to talk about the benefits and complications that come with bringing your dog to work. I’m one of the lucky people that can bring my dog to work with me every day and Sadie is definitely my favorite coworker. But there are also some difficulties with having Sadie in my office. I personally think the pros far outweigh the cons, but you can decide for yourself.

Some of the benefits of taking your dog to work:

  • Less anxiety, for both the dog and the human. Your dog won’t get separation anxiety staying home alone all day and you won’t have anxiety about your dog getting into trouble when home alone all day.
  • Boosts morale in the office and makes people smile.
  • Saves time and money – no running home from work to feed and walk the dog and no need to pay a dog walker
  • Forces you to get up and away from your desk every once in a while so your dog can take care of business
  • A new environment is stimulating for your dog and he or she will be excited to explore the new area with all its sights and smells.
  • An office can be a great place to refresh your dog’s training in a practical environment. Sadie learned her ‘leave it’ and ‘no barking’ commands very quickly in the office setting.
In my opinion, the biggest pro on the list is stress relief. When I’ve had a difficult phone call or a technical problem is making me mad, I can just pick up a toy and play with Sadie for a while and all those minor problems are forgotten. And it’s the same for my coworkers; when they need some cheering up, they come to my desk to see what cute thing Sadie is doing. Because even when she’s fast asleep, Sadie never fails to put a smile on your face.

dogs, designer dogs, computer, office, dogs at work

Some of the complications of taking your dog to work:

  • Finding bathroom areas and dealing with possible accidents.
  • Making sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand, like bowls, a dog bed, dog food, doggie bags, toys, treats, etc.
  • Chewing up shoes or other items (Sadie likes to steal the occasional slipper from under a desk) and making sure coworkers dog proof the office. When you have a dog it becomes second nature to keep harmful items off the floor, but your coworkers may forget to keep things out of reach from a dog.
  • Your dog may dislike coworkers or think he or she needs to protect you. This could lead to barking, growling, or biting if not handled properly. Similarly, if your coworkers also have dogs, the dogs may not all get along.
  • Coworkers with allergies or fears can also be a problem. You must try to be respectful of their wishes and keep your dog from having contact with those people and their belongings.
Dog can be unpredictable, so you never truly know what complications you’ll face until you’ve actually brought your dog to work. If you’re like me and believe the pros are far greater than any cons, you just need to be prepared. Make a list of items your dog will need to spend eight hours in your office. Make sure your office is free of hazards that could harm your dog. Ask your coworkers in advance if they will enjoy a visit from your dog or if your dog needs to avoid certain people or areas. Scope out a good spot to be your doggie bathroom. As long as you’ve done your best to prepare yourself, your office, and your coworkers for the arrival of your pup,  you should find life with your new furry coworker to be as heartwarming and fulfilling as I do.

dogs, designer dogs, computer, office, dogs at work

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  1. My dog Obi is a therapy dog and I work at a college, so he comes with me every Friday and college students can come and hang out with him. He loves his days at the office and everyone loves to see him. People come and find him when they are stressed and need “Obi time”. Dog proofing is the biggest challenge. I put all the trash cans up on the desks, but often people helpfully put them back and Obi knows very well where they all are and he quietly makes his rounds to see what lunch leftovers he can find!
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  2. Oh if only. I have brought them to the office a couple of times, but it requires lots of gating and monitoring on my behalf. We do have a nice trail that runs alongside the office building and it would be so nice to just walk outside and give them a walk. I know I’d be a much nicer person if they could tag along. Glad you get to enjoy Sadie!

    Thanks for joining the blog hop.
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