The Cash for Christmas Giveaway!

I’m sure everyone can use a little extra cash during the holiday season (I know I can since I always spend more than I should on doggie gifts), so Sadie and I joined with other wonderful bloggers to bring you this giveaway opportunity!

MLA - Tammy Creative K Kids - Tammy

Tammy from My Life Abundant and Tammy from Creative K Kids have gotten together with a few of our bloggie friends to have a giveaway!

Cash for Christmas Giveaway $250

We are so excited to be giving away $250 in cash prizes for you to use starting Thanksgiving weekend.  Here are the prizes:

1 – $100 Amazon Gift Card
1 – $50 Target Gift Card
2 – $25 Walmart Gift Card
1 – $20 Kohl’s Gift Card

Amazing. Right? Well, what’s a gift card and getting up early, early to shop if you can’t focus on your shopping.  

So how about we add a $5.00 Starbucks gift card to each one of the prizes above!!

But wait. There is one more prize.

1 – $5 Starbucks Gift Card

Now its time to meet our wonderful co-hosts who have made this giveaway possible.


Starting at the top row we have:

Kim of KidPep | Jody of Mom ‘N Daughter Savings | Penny of Penny’s Passion | Jeanne of Home Garden Joy | Leticia of Desafio In The City | Barb of A Life in Balance | Tricia of The Good Mamma | Mary of Your Designer Dog Blog | Alecia  of Detours in Life, Family Vacay, Family Time Travelers | Katie of The Ramblings of an Overtired Mama | Michelle of On A Wing and A Prayer | Lauren of Heart of Deborah | Christine of Your Strong Tower | Lindze  of Interior Fun | Michelle of The Happiness Blogger | Stacy of A Moment in our World | Nikki of MBA SAHM | Paula of Beauty Through Imperfection | Sarah of Mommy of Two | Scarlett of Scarlett’s Excellent Adventures

Please stop by and say hi to these wonderful ladies and their blogs.

The giveaway will end midnight on Wednesday, November 26th, the night before Thanksgiving.  You will have 48 hours to respond to the email claiming the prize.  If you respond right away, we will get you the gift card promptly so that you can shop with it on Black Friday!  If we don’t hear in 48 hours, we will choose another winner. 

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  1. I usually do a large part of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, but this year the budget is tight, so I’ll probably have to wait until afterwards. My husband and I are moving to a new home in early December, so we’ll have to wait until that’s settled before we get our Christmas shopping done! 🙂

  2. I do my shopping both before and after Thanksgiving. If I find something great on sale, I’ll pick it up…. Though I usually don’t wait until the holidays to give them either. I try to do a little Christmas all year round rather than spending a lot of money at once 🙂

  3. I always try to get as much done as possible before thanksgiving but I almost always end up buying things right up to a few days before christmas

  4. I do most of my shopping after Thanksgiving–too busy getting ready for Thanksgiving to think about Christmas!

  5. I wish I was done before Thanksgiving but I always am running around in December doing most all of my holiday shopping.

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