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Bubble Attack!

dogs, designer dogs, yorkipoo, yorkie poo, bubbles

The weather is starting to get chilly around here, so I thought it was time to put away some of our warm weather toys. Before putting Sadie’s bubble machine into storage, I wanted to use up any of the special bacon-flavored doggie bubble solution left inside. So I turned on the machine, the bubbles started flying, and Sadie ran to the far side of the deck. Normally she enjoys the bubbles, but I guess this time she thought those mischievous bubbles were trying to attack her. After a minute or two of observing the bubbles in action, Sadie cautiously approached the area, keeping just out of the bubbles’ reach. And that’s when she got a whiff of bacon. She looked around trying to figure out where the delicious smell was coming from, but she couldn’t find the source. While distracted by the smell, one mischievous bubble made it onto Sadie’s nose and popped. That’s when she realized it was the bubbles that smelled like bacon.  Those sneaky little bubbles lured her in with the smell, but unfortunately for Sadie, the bubbles definitely did not taste like bacon.





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  1. That is too cute! I love the term “warm weather toys” I never thought of separating them – great idea. Probably makes the springtime feel a little like Christmas when you take them out again!

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