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Thanks for liking us! Sadie and I really appreciate all the love!


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I decided to start this blog today to give everyone an inside look at the life and adventures of Sadie our spokespuppy. Sadie is my one year old Yorkipoo puppy and the inspiration behind Sadie is my first dog and I was so excited as a new dog owner that I wanted to buy a magnet or bumper sticker or t-shirt or something to tell the world how proud I was to be a Yorkipoo owner. But I couldn’t find anything for Yorkipoo owners, or for other crossbreed / mixed breed / designer dog owners. So I decided to start my own website selling the products I couldn’t find anywhere else. At you can customize all of our products with any dog breed you want, so no dog owner is left out.

Well thanks for stopping by. Check back or follow this blog to hear stories and see pictures about Sadie and other dog-related topics and participate in dog-related polls. Feel free to join the conversation and post comments or pictures about your own dogs. And don’t forget to check out my store at!


Thanks for liking us! Sadie and I really appreciate all the love!

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